Meet Your Next Car At Plug-In 2009


Last year your Creative Greenius was on the scene in San Jose, California providing the most straight-forward, brutally frank and insightful coverage of anyone at the event.

This year Plug-In 2009 will be on my turf here in So. Cal. and once again I’ll be giving you the unvarnished Greenius straight from Iowa on the Beach



Last year’s Plug-In 2008 gave attendees an insider’s advantage on the Plug-In technology that will quickly replace today’s obsolete, planet-killing fossil fuel centric cars.

Creative Greenius readers were right there with me as I live blogged from the event:

Top Ten Things I Learned At Plug In 2008

Day 3 At Plug In 2008

Electrifying Day At Plug-In 2008

Welcome To Plug In 2008

Greetings From Plugged In San Jose

Don’t miss Plug-In 2009 if you’d like to get on board the Cluetrain before it leaves the station without you.  Your Creative Greenius will be there bringing you all the latest news live from the scene.

Wise up.  Plug In.  Drive Clean.

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