This Is Why You Don’t Take Money From Oil Companies For Your Schools

When Chevron, or Phillips 66, or ExxonMobil or E&B oil companies give schools and nonprofits funding money they do it for one reason only.

To pay them to shut up.

You can fool yourself if you want to, but you can’t fool your kids, because in the end they will know their school, or that nonprofit pretending to be teaching kids about the environment, sold them out. Sold them out to the very oil companies who are destroying their chance of having a decent future.

And they will damn sure remember who went along for the ride to get that oil company money.

Photo taken on the Toxic Tour by Joe Galliani from someone’s backyard.

You can understand why our inner city, underserved and underfunded schools might feel like they have nowhere else to turn when those greenwashing dollars flow in.  It’s sad to watch the opportunivores swoop in with the cash knowing that it comes with a price.

Cutting our carbon emissions by eliminating the burning of fossil fuels as rapidly as possible is the single most urgent need society has today.  If you want today’s kids to have any chance at a civilization like the one we have enjoyed you know their current chances are slim if we continue on the business as usual course.  And again, if YOU don’t know this, rest assured your kids do…

Now if you think anyone that gets money from Phillips 66 or ExxonMobil or Chevron or E&B or any of the other companies that sell fossil fuels for profit is EVER going to tell the kids in their school or  environmental program that truth –  then you must be tripping on acid.  Hell, they won’t even allow Communities for a Better Environment to come into the front line community schools to talk to the kids about environmental health, never mind about climate change and global warming.  The very environmental health these oil companies are damaging in the very communities where they do their toxic business.

Don’t take my word for it.  Listen to what Roberto Cabrales, Community Organizer, for Communities for a Better Environment in Huntington Park, told us today when we took the Toxic Tour he guided us through:

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