Climate Change #Liar-Deniers Are The New Racists

ImageWhen you ignore reality and the facts and you choose to embrace ignorance and irrational prejudice then you’re not just a jerk, you are a dangerous jerk. 

And the way the Greenius sees it, it’s a nano-thin intellectual line between choosing to believe black people or brown people are inferior and not equal to you and yours and believing that 100+ years of burning fossil fuels is not the cause of global warming and that climate scientists are lying and part of a cabal perpetrating a vast left wing conspiracy.


As evil and damaging as racism is to individuals and our society overall, the Climate LiarDeniers’s evil far exceeds the scope of race haters because the damage is done to everyone at a global level of catastrophe that no racial supremacist ever dreamed of.  

And so the Greenius sees the day coming when the LiarDeniers will be socially akin to KKK members and Southern redneck haters. As the undeniable shitstorm of climate crisis evidence impacts us wave after unrelenting wave those who had been so arrogantly and vocally ignorant will be shamefully exposed in public for the traitorous obstructionists they are.

But that day is a long way coming in the land of the Lizard Brains we call home and the LiarDeniers will still be around and mouthing the same crap that already makes as much sense as Al Campanis saying that back men don’t have the capacity to be baseball managers and the fact that they can’t swim proves it.

ImageEventually the hell and high water will bring the hammer down so hard the remaining LiarDeniers will become the equivalent of mentally challenged individuals who receive secret messages from the CIA in their heads that only they can hear.  But they will still have their supporters just as Jim Jones and Bernie Madoff always did.

The Greenius notes with no particular sense of irony that today’s self-identified political “conservatives” in the USA as well as the vast majority of elected office holders in the very same states that fought against equal rights for black people are the same dead-wrong evil bastards that talk about Al Gore and Dr James Hansen as if they were terrorists.  They hold President Obama in even lower esteem and yeah, being black has a whole lot to do about it.

The same gutless cowards who go along with the LiarDenier crowd and refuse to speak out or acknowledge their conscience are no better than Judas.  And that title is a fitting one for at least half the elected representatives in Congress who make the Vichy French look like courageous patriots compared to their feckless impotence  in the face of the biggest threat our civilization has ever faced.  Paying for your sins doesn’t seem to be any kind of effective deterrent to this crowd.  Maybe because they never have or maybe because they believe it’s worth it.  Who can understand the rationale of the depraved?

ImageYour Greenius opines that today’s oil, coal and gas companies  are the modern equivalent of pre civil war plantation owners raking in massive profits off the backs of black slaves and treating them worse than the slave owners in Jhango Unchained did. Except in this case we are ALL the slaves and we don’t yet have an Abraham Lincoln or a Union Army to fight for us — but we sure as shit need them.

No one helped the Plantation owners and their cotton cartel more than the racists who populated the South and put on Grey uniforms and Confederate Flags to fight to the death for the right to enslave our black brothers and sisters and all their children.  

And no one is better helping the fossil fuel plantation owners continue to make record profits as they enslave you, your children and your children’s children to a climate chain gang than those who are selling us out every day gleefully gobbling up the gallons of #gossipganda they  enthusiastically spew and infectiously spread every chance they get. 

ImageIt’s no shock to the Greenius that the very same Southerners who gave cover to the slave owning cotton plantation owners, later extended the same down-home hospitality for the cancer-causing tobacco industry that lied, cheated and denied that smoking is addictive or that it causes the same lung cancer that killed so many smokers we all know.  

And now Lordy Lord, many of these very same folksy folks have been pulling the exact same con man tactics on behalf of the oil coal and gas industries.  

It’s as obvious as water is wet.  

It’s also insidious and should be criminally prosecuted just as race crimes are.  

But that kind of justice will come too little too late and instead we need to be focused on the most powerful action we can take in the here and now.


There’s a reason that Bill McKibben is using the same divestiture tactics that succeeded so well just a few years ago against apartheid in South Africa.  

The Greenius sees no moral or ethical difference between apartheid and what the carbon producers are doing to me, you, your kids, your parents and every person you know.  

We still hold certain truths to be self evident – even when the founding fathers didn’t apply the rules to themselves they knew better.

We know that it’s wrong and unacceptable to enslave people against their will, or treat them as inferiors or to injure or kill them with impunity.

And today we know as a mathematical fact that allowing the oil, coal and gas industries to continue to burn their carbon inventories according to their business plans will cause injury, death and destruction on a wide ranging variety of scales.

The Greenius says it’s time to paint the LiarDeniers with the same vidid coat of ugliness and shame that rascists deservedly are colored with.

Destructive evil at this level needs to be pointed out so forcefully and unequivocally that an unstoppable and emotional consensus forms against it.  

Until you and yours get as angry about what is being done to you as you get when you see blatant racism exhibited then we shall not overcome.  

But once you do… woe onto those who conspired against us.


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