L.A. Times Takes A Bath In Dirty Water With Icelandic Bottled H20 Scam

Source of an Epic FAIL

Image I’ve been seeing the bullshit full page ads for Icelandic Glacial water in the print edition of the  Los Angeles Times for months now and every time I do it pisses me off.  

If you know the Creative Greenius you know that I am easily pissed off by the charlatans, greenwashers and pompous posers who prey upon the ill-informed and gullible and that’s exactly what Icelandic Glacial water is and does.

icelandic waterI might have even kept it to myself if the shell that is left of the L.A. Times hadn’t delivered an actual bottle of this snake oil water right along with my newspaper last week.  

Unsolicited and unwanted I’ve now got to find a sustainable way to use this crap before I recycle their lying bottle which says the water is “Glacial” despite it actually not being.  But hey, it was “inspired” by glaciers in much the same way its “carbon neutrality” is inspired by a cynical and phony marketing ploy.

Icelandic makes a big deal about being 100% carbon neutral which means they have a self-certification from a new certification company they set up and are the first “customer” of.  But I’m betting they didn’t include the carbon footprint of shipping all the sample bottles to all the points of distribution for Times delivery people and then the footprint of all the cars and vans delivering all those subscriber papers inside of the plastic bags that were also required.  And I’m guessing they’re not counting that jet fuel for the contest winner’s flight to Iceland.  But hey, it’s the inspiration that counts, right?

The Judas Party Gets Its Silver For Selling Out their Saviors

288-11-2-570It’s kind of a shame that our kids’ futures are being crucified since they’re the ones we need to resurrect us

In the many years I spent studying for the priesthood I learned that the stories of Jesus Christ’s years on our planet serve as models and lessons for all of us.

So it’s as obvious as a bad face lift that we are going through the stations of the cross and that climate change is our crucifix.


It’s been the Republican party, in the type cast role of Judas Iscariot.  And the silver they betrayed us all for came from today’s Pontius Pilatus and the Romans – the dirty fuel industry top executives whose empire stretches farther and wider than Caesar’s ever dreamed of.

But unfortunately the way this version of the story is being written there is no Easter and Black Friday becomes Groundhog Day – doomed to repeat ad infinitum.

That’s because when it comes to humanity, vision and a sense of the future of their own brand, the Republican Party and their supporters makes the ancient Romans look like Quakers.