The Greenius Misplaces His Mojo… Momentarily

The entire 2nd half of 2010 found the Greenius in a Mystery Spot where the rules of nature no longer applied....

Wow, March First already.  Time do fly, don’t it?  It has definitely been been awhile, hasn’t it?  How you been?

Your beloved Greenius has been M.I.A. from this URL for all of 2011 – until now.  Maybe you noticed, maybe you didn’t.  Either way, I’m back and I’m returning with a new attitude, recharged energy and a fresh direction.  I can only imagine how thrilled you must be.

After playing a more subdued, measured and politically correct role locally for the past two years I am soooo over that.  I’m taking the gloves back off and cracking my knuckles.  Consider me now unshackled, uncensored and unafraid.  The perfect positioning for our What the Fuck? era.

I’d say “No More Mr. Nice Guy,” but hell I’m such an inherently nice guy at heart that no one would believe that… well, except maybe the gasholes who I’ll be metaphorically skewering like a razor sharp steel spike through a marinated lamb shish-kabob over burning hot coals.  Doesn’t that sound like fun?

I put up with a lot of crap last year and some of it shook me to my core. I’ll be the first to admit it, I lost my mojo as 2010 wore on and it wasn’t pretty.  Ennui and despair are a bitter and ugly cocktail to swallow, but that’s what was being served at the Green Bar for the last six months of 0h-ten and I drank enough to suffer a long hangover.

But I’m not hungover any more.  And I’ve not only got my mojo back, I’m ready to have me some laughs.  Seriously.

We have now most definitely reached the wholly absurd portion of our trip, the part where you pay for all your baggage including your carry-on.  The part where the inmates are not just running the asylum, they’re dismantling it.  It would be a shameful waste of the vast comedic possibilities to fail to mine this rich vein of valuable endorphins.  God knows that we’re going to need all the serotonin boosters we can get in the days ahead.  And who better than your Greenius to supply them?

It’s bound to be more valuable and entertaining for both of us than the vast majority of environmental work I’ve concentrated on for the past two years.  Sad but true.  And it’s certain to be a hell of a lot more fun than banging my head against the ever-more reinforced brick wall that working with some local politicians proved to be.

But what does it matter?  The unstoppable forces of evil and destruction are now firmly in charge of  the good old USA and the Democrats have raised their white flag and assumed the fetal position.  “Yes We Can?”  Apparently that meant roll over on our back like a dead dog that will not hunt.  Stop runaway climate change?  Sorry, that would hurt the coal, oil and gas industries and we can’t let that happen after lining our pockets with their dough-ray-me.

That includes our once inspiring President who let the Republicans play him for a climate chump from the day he took office and has never figured out that his only chance to succeed was to do so at their expense.  Instead Obama has consistently played the clueless patsy, forever holding out hope of having a bipartisan relationship with the people who are merely trying to annihilate him and everything he stands for.  They’ve never pretended to be anything but the earth-scorching bastards they got elected to be, but the Prez pretends they’re actually human beings with a soul and a conscience.   Might as well wait for Satan to strap on a crucifix and come to Jesus with you.

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