Greenius On Bicycle Advocates Run Into Road Block At City Council Meeting

Coucilman Duclos at a March city council meeting.

An ill-advised, last-minute attempt to add dedicated bicycle lanes to the Upper Pier Avenue project resulted in disappointment, tension and frustration that was expressed emotionally at times by three of the five Hermosa Beach City Council members at the panel’s meeting Tuesday night.

Councilman Jeff Duclos had spearheaded a push to reevaluate the bike lane project, and I was one of the local environmental leaders he contacted about that last week.  Duclos told me via telephone that the door was open to take a second look at the concrete center median slated for the new Upper Pier, because the project was over budget and behind schedule.

He said that eliminating the center median would not only get the project back on track and save big money, but it would also open space for dedicated bike lanes.  He further confided that the Hermosa Beach police and fire departments were now expressing safety concerns about the median.

Read more about it on Hermosa Beach

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