Greenius on Fiesta Hermosa Bicycle Valet an Instant Hit

About 600 to 700 bicycles used the valet service at Fiesta Hermosa on Saturday.

Hoping to encourage more Fiesta Hermosa attendees to go carbon-free in their transportation, the Hermosa Beach Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau offered free valet parking for bicycles this Memorial Day weekend.

Expectations were for about 100 to 200 bicycles to take advantage of the new service each day. But within just a few hours of the valet lot opening on Saturday morning, the lot was filled to near capacity with between 600 to 700 bicycles checked in, parked and watched over until their owners returned to claim them.

No bikes were reported either lost or damaged. The reviews from those who used the service were nothing short of raves. I know because I was part of the volunteer team from the South Bay Bicycle Coalition (SBBC) who valet parked and retrieved bikes from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday.

Read more about it at Hermosa

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