Greenius on The Message Is in the Bottle Columnist Joe Galliani shows off his new EcoUsable filtered water bottle.

If Hermosa Beach is ever truly going to become a carbon-neutral city it’s going to have to make some very big and very healthy changes, including cutting out the use of unsustainable fossil fuel-based plastic products.

If there were a poster boy for non-sustainability and wasteful spending, it would be the disposable plastic water bottle.  In the United States we consume more than 500 million bottles of water each week. That’s one billion plastic water bottles every two weeks and 800 million of those don’t get recycled; they wind up filling our landfills with plastic that will never biodegrade.

Or they find their way into the ocean, adding to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which now covers hundreds of miles across the North Pacific Ocean, turning the sea into the world’s biggest garbage dump and killing birds, fish and sea mammals in the process. There are giant plastic garbage patches in four other oceans too.

Read more about it on Hermsoa Beach

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