Great Day to Be Green at Madrona Marsh

Diane Moss, the Environmental Deputy to Congresswoman Harman, Creative Greenius, and Brad Bartz, President of ABC Solar at last Saturday's Torrance Environmental Fair at Madrona Marsh

I spent last Saturday right here in Torrance at my favorite place in town, the Madrona Marsh – even if I did spend it in the parking lot standing behind a table for the South Bay Environmental Services Center.  But I got to walk across the Marsh on my way in and I got to see Tracy Drake, the Nature Center Manager and dynamo – and a woman who I adore.

I’ve got more photos (in the Greenius blog’s new slideshow app) and additional coverage for you after the jump….

I really enjoyed volunteering for the SBESC at this year’s Fair.  I like introducing people to who we are and what we do at the Environmental Services Center and people are more receptive than ever to hear about how they can save money and get rebates to cut their energy and water use. The constant stream of people I got to talk to for the 5 hours I was there were mostly interested in hearing about how much the price of solar PV has dropped in the last nine months (50%) and about how much money you can save if your electric bill is over $150 a month.

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But I have to admit that the most fun I had was getting to see so many local green celebrities – right next door to the South Bay Environmental Services Center booth I was manning was Pam Townsend, from the City staff of Hermosa Beach, who along with her colleague Eva, was there donating her personal time to showcase the environmental leadership role their small town is playing and conducting a survey.

And right across the way was Brad Bartz, President of ABC Solar who was creatively showcasing just how easy it is to use solar to power a pool pump or to supply a home’s electricity.  I was really stoked to be able to introduce Brad to Diane Moss, Congresswoman Harman’s Environmental Deputy.  Brad has some innovative and very sharp ideas about how to bring solar to schools, municipal buildings and businesses and keep much more money in the local community and he was happy to have the chance to share them with Diane whose experience and insight on solar allowed her to grok where he’s coming from.

It was great to see Sharon Weissman from State Senator Oropeza’s office, Ray Waters from the Hermosa Beach School Board, and Dency Nelson from Plug-In America.  Likewise I dug seeing Kathleen Jacecko of Teaching Green and especially getting to see her adorable new baby who was my kind of kid – silent and sleeping.

And I was really impressed with the Girl Scouts from Troop 652, who are hand building compost bins and giving them away for free to encourage more people in the South Bay to compost.  The bins they build are solid and perfect for the job.  And as an added bonus they’ll even deliver the bin to you.  What more could you ask for?  How about “Troop 652’s Guide to Composting” which they will also deliver to you with all the info you’ll need to use your new free composting bin in good health.  You can contact them at:

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