Greenius Presents: My Pal Governor Schwarzenegger on What’s Coming Next & Why AB 32 Needs Your Love

As your friendly neighborhood Greenius continues with his efforts to help Hermosa Beach become the first carbon neutral city in the South Bay, it might help some of you to get up to speed on what we already know is coming our way here in California from climate change and global weirding.

So why not let my old pal, Governor Schwarzenegger tell it to you straight about what we’re doing here in California to prepare for what we already see coming our way:

Unlike the astoundingly large group of dumbed-down states in the USA who happily have their heads up their own asses when it comes to sharing the climate change facts with their citizens and actually taking the bold actions necessary, California isn’t lying and isn’t delaying.  If we have any chance at all of stopping catastrophic climate change from making the future a moot point for your kids, the rest of the country is going to have to follow our lead with emissions cuts, energy efficiency and renewable energy use.

Many of them will have to be dragged kicking and screaming – as usual – but if we have to go caveman on them to help save ourselves, then so be it.

You should be especially interested in all this if you’re under 30 years of age yourself, because you are the people who will be doing most of the “adapting.” Perhaps some of your parents might also be interested in the future you will be inheriting…

And you are the people who will suffer the worst consequences from inaction or foolishly suspending AB 32 like some irresponsible wanna-be politicians have proposed.

And yes I’m talking about the unethical and immoral stand Meg Whitman has taken in her campaign for governor of California.  She’s not really that stupid, which makes it much worse, because she knows better but is cynical enough to pretend she doesn’t.  She is flat out willing to lie and sell out future generations just to get the power her massive ego demands.  What a sad and shameful act by a woman whose whole career was built on making it easy to sell out to the highest bidder.

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