Greenius Scores Free LED Holiday Lights from SBESC

Creative Greenius, Joe Galliani, with his free LED lights from the South Bay Environmental Services Center Holiday Light Exchange

For the third consecutive year I was able to take advantage of the Holiday Light Exchange offered by my great friends at the South Bay Environmental Services Center.  And they’ve still got plenty of these high quality GE mini white LEDs as well as the GE multi-colored LED sets available.  But they always run out some time in November so you better move quick.

It was the holiday Light Exchange in 2007 that first connected me with the SBESC and I’ve been a volunteer with them ever since.  In fact, this year I have well over 250 volunteer hours served with the Environmental Services Center and I’m excited about being honored at next week’s Volunteer Appreciation Dinner.

I’m also excited about all the new volunteers who have joined our ranks and hope that more of you will get out there on the front lines of teaching the public about energy efficiency, renewable energy, cutting greenhouse gas emissions and all the other things, individuals and businesses can do to help make a difference in the fight against global warming and climate change.  Click here to learn more about volunteering with the SBESC.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Holiday Light Exchange on their fabulous flier:

2009 Holiday Light Exchange Flyer

2 thoughts on “Greenius Scores Free LED Holiday Lights from SBESC

  1. Thanks for the publicity! And thank you for being such a great volunteer and advocate for saving water, energy, money and the environment!

    The Greenius: It’s an honor to be associated with the SBESC, and with the South Bay Cities Council of Governments’ Green Task Force which is doing such great and precedent setting work on the environmental front across all 16 of the South Bay as well as the County of Los Angeles. You’ve done a superb job as Executive Director of the COG, Jacki, and I appreciate the opportunity to contribute.

  2. Gee – Home Depot has an exchange program where you bring in your old lights and turn them in for LEDs, but they only give you $3 off the purchase. Home Depot’s cool, but the SBESC sounds way cooler.

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