Real Men of Greenius

Thanks to my creative and green friend Sam Novey, Class of 2011 at a little place back east they like to call Harvard University, I now offer up the following video with an important message for you always thirsty college kids:

As my Ivy League bro Sam likes to say:

Because Reusing A Solo Cup Doesn’t Mean Going Home Solo

wellstonequoteWhen Sam’s quoting other folks he likes to recall the words of the late and very great Senator Paul Wellstone of Minnesota:

If we don’t fight hard enough for the things we stand for, at some point we have to recognize that we don’t really stand for them.

I’m glad you’re out there Sam, and I just want you to know I’m fighting pretty damn hard for the things I stand for.

Sam’s been doing some great work covering campaigns for Harvard’s Institute of Politics.  Check out his videos from the 2008 election at Harvard’s Campus Voices.

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