BOHICA, Baby! But It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way…



My erudite and genteel audience of readers is no doubt unfamiliar with the contemporary colloquialism, “BOHICA,” but you are more than familiar with the concept.




B.O.H.I.C.A. =  Bend Over, Here It Comes Again.


If you thought last week’s Congressional testimony by Dr. Hansen on climate change was going to wake anyone up or that my Cat is On the Roof post would supply that slap in the face I was looking to deliver…


Just two days after Dr. Hansen told the world we were “toast” if we didn’t begin the change from a carbon-based society within a year, that this was “The Last Chance”– the Bureau of Land Management announced they were putting put a halt to the development of all solar energy projects on federal land and stopping the application process on ALL the big solar projects.


They said there was no sense of urgency and that an extensive environmental study was needed to determine how large solar plants might affect millions of acres it oversees in six Western states – Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah.



But the unexpected and immediate uproar from members of Congress, citizens and environmental groups was so swift and loud that on Wednesday the BLM reversed itself and announced that they WILL continue to process the applications.  


That’s great, but now they’ve already tipped their hand, haven’t they?  And how fair a hearing do you think solar is going to get during their “scooping” process?  You already know the decision the BLM has in mind and rest assured they are still expecting you to grab your ankles for that $5-$6-$7 a gallon gasoline and more coal-fired power plants as your ONLY option.



But wait, there’s more.  


Our federal solar and wind investment tax credits will expire by the end of this year unless Congress renews them.  


So far the President and Congress haven’t done squat on this issue and you should have zero confidence that they will.  Unless we force them to.




At the very moment they should be providing every possible incentive and tax credit to get Americans putting up solar panels and wind turbines generating as much clean energy as possible our elected leaders are taking us backwards and still selling us out in a carbon con job.  They hate the fact that they don’t yet own and control the sun and blowing wind.


So instead they shout their come-ons like a carnival barker with a megaphone – “Drill for more oil!  Use our 250 year supply of coal!  More corn ethanol! Ignore solar, wind and other renewable weird environmentalist craziness.  Pay no attention to that witchcraft mumbo jumbo folks!”


So your Creative Greenius says, bend over, here it comes again my friends and stay in that position because you’ve got plenty more coming your way…


Last Monday, the good old Wall Street Journal broke the story of how the Bush White House has put the fix in on that big EPA report on greenhouse gasses. 


You know the report I mean, it’s the one the EPA was forced to make to the Supreme Court.  It’s the EPA’s 

formal response to the High Court’s April 2007 decision that found greenhouse gases including carbon dioxide, are pollutants under the Clean Air Act, and that the EPA can regulate them. 


Let me make this as easy to understand as an article in USA Today.



The EPA was ordered by the Supreme Court to tell the truth about the emissions that  are causing climate change.  The Court mandated that the EPA must then do something to reduce those emissions to a safe level.  


George Bush and his administration are stopping the EPA from doing that and using every desperate ploy a scam artist employs. Cutting the emissions that kill people is bad for the Bush family business.


The Wall Street Journal uncovers that the EPA report says emissions from cars, trucks, trains, planes, boats, power stations, chemical plants, and refineries endanger public welfare.  The result of “a multimillion-dollar study conducted over two years” the document details how greenhouse gasses could be regulated and includes an analysis of the cost of doing that here and in other counties.



The Journal reports that the EPA report says everything the Bush Administration doesn’t want you to hear.  It says that using things like plug-in hybrids we could be getting far great fuel efficiency from our cars.  It shows how a cap and trade system for carbon would work in the US and says “The net benefit to society could be in excess of $2 trillion”


What may sound great to you and me sounds like red alert with alarm bells to George Bush and his carbon collaborators.  And that’s not just my opinion.  According to The Journal, people close to the matter said, “Clearly [White House officials] don’t want to leave behind a blueprint that suggests that the Clean Air Act could offer a potential pathway in a cost-effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Leaving a blueprint behind could leave the next administration a document they could work from, and that’s not in their interst.



George Bush, along with the oil, gas and coal industry doesn’t believe in the Clean Air Act and wants it deleted – they believe it’s bad for business – the oil, gas and coal business –   The one they’re all in together.  The one they have always put ahead of their country.

The one they will do ANYTHING to keep pumping profits into. 


George Bush and the oil, gas and coal industry have gotten rich from the sales of their carbon-spewing products and they will say and do anything to make sure that you keep paying the price to keep them that way.  There is no lie too outrageous for them to tell.  No scientific evidence they will accept.  No propaganda too obscene for them to release. 


These carbon con artists expect you to bend over every time their bill comes due and to pony up on their behalf.  And why shouldn’t they?  You never let them down.  America has become the home of the duped and the land of the hapless victim.  


In an era when Nigerian con men at 3rd World Internet cafes find Americans every day to send them money, expecting to make a fortune from an email, it’s no surprise that con men like George Bush and John Mcain are confident of continued success by telling Americans we can become energy independent if we just drill for more oil and call our coal “clean.”



But your Creative Greenius grew up in Brooklyn, New York.  I don’t do “chump.”

I work in marketing and advertising and consumer products.

I’ve been observing and commentating on American politics for 25 years now.

And my bullshit detector is world class.  I can smell a con with one whiff.

And for the last eight years the air is more than just full of C02 – it stinks of rotting phonies telling lies that make them rich while punking the average American at every step.  



We can all pretend that’s too harsh a judgement, but the truth is hard for some folks to grasp after all that blood rushes to their brain from bending over so long.


So my new mission is clear.  It’s not enough for me to just offer Greenius solutions for our future  – I need to help the vast numbers who have been frozen in BOHICA pose and apparently can neither see it coming or tell when it’s happening.


So… If you can’t see that the biggest BOHICA of all has been the invasion of Iraq on behalf of the American oil industry then you need my help.  


Saddam Hussain had to go for one reason only – he controlled the oil in Iraq.



The oil in Iraq is the WMD they were looking for from the beginning.

We didn’t stay in Afghanistan because they don’t have any oil.


Making the oil available for Exxon/Mobile, Chevron, etc, etc was what “Mission Accomplished” was all about.  Can you say “no bid contract?”

That’s exactly what happened last week.


The billions spent every week in Iraq is the money that we needed to be spending on renewable energy and getting the C02 in the air back down to safe levels.  Projected total US spending on the Iraq war could cover all of the global investments in renewable power generation that are needed between now and 2030 in order to halt current warming trends. 



But you need to keep bending over because that is bad for the oil, gas and coal industries and their total control over the current White House administration and the majority of those sitting in Congress means they will fight that using every twisted tool at their disposal.  


Don’t you know how much fuel our invasion and occupation of Iraq has used?  Do you understand what a fantastic business model this is for the carbon con crew?  Their control is so powerful no one has been able to stop them while they change the basic climate and destroy our way of life along with the other species they kill off one by one for profit. 


They have been so successful in their con that they have the suckers they’ve fleeced arguing for “more please!” as they make that argument in the BOHICA position.



So even when the U.S. intelligence community issues a report like the one they did last week that says that food shortages and migration caused by a warming climate could threaten US national security by aggravating ethnic strife around the globe, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, that doesn’t sound any alarm bells for most folks.  They’re still not comprehending the reality of what they’re really up against.


Let me help you explain it to them – the people who get paid to know what’s really going on, are worried.  


They’re not debating whether climate change is really happening, they’re already dealing with what they see coming.


Thomas Fingar, chairman of the National Intelligence Council, is the guy who delivered the report last Wednesday to a joint meeting of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and the House Select Committee on Energy Independence. He warned that global warming will reduce food supplies in Africa, which he predicted would in turn spark violence in the region



The Wall Street Journal reports that experts who study the connections between security and climate believe the threat is real and must be considered by policymakers.


“It does trade off,” said Sarah Ladislaw, a fellow in the energy and national security program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. “The real question out there is: How well are people going to deal with the trade-offs?” The convergence of the increasing cost of fuel, global food shortages, global warming, and national security threats show how interconnected these transnational issues are, and policy makers need to be mindful of that, she said.


So –  with all of the above being part of the news in just the last week, perhaps you understand why I’m hearing a calling to become a passionate town crier, spread the truth  and help people stand up straight and reverse their previous position into one where the carbon collaborators now become the ones yelping, “Here it comes again!”


And just in case you were wondering, your Creative Greenius doesn’t think this all part of some vast right wing conspiracy.  It’s a lot less complicated then that.  This is about uncontrollable greed, selfishness and outright crooked rotten-to-the-core people taking advantage of the Last of the Bohicans  any which way they can.  Nothing more than that.

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