Failed Local Paper Put Out Of Its Misery – By Creative Greenius!

Greenius Blog Fires Daily Breeze Editors, Takes Over Environmental Coverage

fired_you_doorIn a surprise to to all but the most savvy readers of this blog, Joe Galliani, the Creative Greenius, today fired the editors of The Daily Breeze newspaper and took over responsibility for all local environmental news coverage and analysis.

I’d like to thank Phil Sanfield, Toni Sciacqua and Mike Carroll for the time they spent doing whatever it is they did with the paper – but I really can’t, not based on their truly lousy job performance.

They never worked very hard and they spent way too much time making personal phone calls and just goofing off.  I’ve been carrying them for far too long and it’s time for them to go now And when I say ‘now,’ I mean as in hours ago,” said Galliani who informed the three editors of their termination via e-mail.