Another Lesson On Brand #FAIL From Leviton

After hearing nothing about the replacement EV Charger Leviton promised me a week ago – to replace the one I paid them $1300 for which failed while still under warranty – today I got a mystery call from someone claiming to be with Leviton Manufacturing.

But whomever left this voicemail for me this morning, never identified who they were, what department they worked in or why they were calling.

Hard to believe anyone working for a major corporation would leave a dodgy message like that with a customer who had publicly complained about their miscommunications.

But since this is the Levinton brand we’re talking about, as we’ve already learned, they have no customer service goals, objectives or standards.

It starts with the CEO, Don Hendler, and extends to every point of customer contact – including, if he really works for Leviton, Brian with no last name, no job title, and no department.

And now Leviton has foolishly, but predictably extended this case study for yet another day and shown yet more proof of a classic Brand #FAIL. Because I still have no replacement EV Charger and none has been shipped.

The Manny video and complaint I Tweeted about my horrible Leviton brand experience 5 days ago has now had 134 views. There have been another 65 views on Facebook.

Fortunately, Leviton is doing so well financially they can afford to write off 200 negative brand impressions generated by an unhappy, unsatisfied customer intent on using a social media megaphone to amplify his voice.

How One Bad Manny Can Piss Away Your Brand

I didn’t have an opinion on the Leviton brand until their employee, Manny, made me hate them and drove me to let my friends, colleagues and everyone else know how shitty they treated me.

On October 10 I got this voicemail from Manny at Leviton. It turned out to be bullshit from an employee whose first instinct before this voicemail was to blow me off and offer no help.

Manny and Leviton got their failed unit retuned by UPS on October 17, 2019.

I’m still waiting for the replacement Manny said I’d get after they received the one I returned.

I tried to get Manny’s to tell me when I’d be getting the replacement and he emailed me that I was “tiresome” and that he would not be keeping his word.

That’s when I shared the video I created from his voicemail on Twitter. At this point, 123 people have watched it. There have been another 64 views on Facebook. And now I’m telling the story here on my blog and sharing it on LinkedIn.

So far Leviton has had 187 times the brand impact beyond just losing me and my EV-owning wife as customers for life.

I wrote to Leviton CEO Don Hendler last week – I didn’t even get a boilerplate reply.

Sounds like Manny got his customer service attitude from the very top of Leviton.

Before I Was The Greenius I Was Jawsome & Fintastic

My new favorite news source, SYFY TV published this video on Facebook on September 11, 2019. It’s now had 1.1 million views and 7,200+ shares.

We knew back in the 90s that things would get really interesting when the kids who were part of Street Sharks Nation grew up and because young adults.

I love having been part of America’s mainstream consumer culture during its height. Especially in light of how I’ve spent the last decade or so.

Climate Of Courage – Smart Women Are Making Me Think, Question My Beliefs & Change My Mind

As I mentioned in public remarks I made in January of 2015, I’ve been a member of The Lucky Sperm Club since 1957 –

As I turn 62 this week it still ain’t easy dealing with the high expectations that come with being the beneficiary of undeserved while male privilege.

Luckily, as I will mansplain to you all here, I am smart enough to always rely on the women of superior intellect and courage to redirect me when I steer off course and in the wrong direction – which I am prone to do.

So it has been in the week or so since Jonathan Frazen’s piece was published in The New Yorker. The rightful backlash to his “Let’s Just Roll Over & Play Dead On Climate” came from many quarters, but the most searing and right-on takes came from climate and gender journalist Amy Westervelt; Climate scientist, Kate Marvel; and Climate Justice Advocate and Essayist, Mary Annaise Heglar.

El Segundo’s @LATimes Looking Through Wrong End Of Telescope To Find This Answer To Why Their Readers Don’t Make #ClimateCrisis A Higher Priority Topic. Is The Paper With No Dedicated Climate Reporters/Editors Really This Clueless? #JoeTakesOnTheNews

‪I Just Got Off The Phone After Canceling My 40 Year Long Subscription To @LATimes – I’m Not Paying For @DrPatSoonShiong To Give Me Bread & Circus Instead Of Legitimate Climate Crisis Reporting & News. This Shit Ain’t Worth Paying For Any Longer #JoeTakesOnTheNews ‬