Wayback Machine Trip To 2008 Reveals Greenius Prognostications On Harsh Climate Reality

When my good friend and former CBS EcoMedia colleague, Taylor, heard Larry Mantle on today’s live broadcast of KPCC’s Film Week mention, “Joe from Redondo Beach” and the documentary “Inconvenient Truth,” she texted to ask if that was me.
Yup. It was.
So was this back in 2008.
So cool to have the historical record to show who said what, when.

I got the price of gas wrong, but nailed the rest of it.

Lessons In Losing From Leviton: First Screw Up, Then Blame The Customer, Then Pound Sand

Hey Mark Richards, Sr. Director, eCommerce & Technical Services, Supply Chain at Leviton – I got the brand new Leviton EV charger I forced you to send me –

I also got your dumbass email where you wrote that if your Leviton colleagues hadn’t screwed up I wouldn’t have gotten a replacement and you wouldn’t have honored the warranty.

If “ifs” and “buts” were raisins and nuts we’d all be eating Waldorf salads, dude.

I love a frustrated and impotent email from a mid-level manager expressing bitterness to a customer who has already generated more than 500 negative brand impressions for the mid-level employee’s company.