Traveling Through Time, Exploring the String Theory and Hugging the Giant Sequoias

I took an unexpected trip in the WABAC Machine last week while I was on vacation with the lovely and talented Debra just outside Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Park here in America’s most beautiful state, California.

We like to rent a house in the town of Three Rivers when we go up there and we’ve always found different, very cool places to stay on Vacation Rental By Owner ( The house we stayed in this trip was perfect. It was a craftsman-built one-bedroom with every amenity. Private. Quiet. On 13 acres and just a 15 minute drive from the Park’s southern entrance.

There was a nice selection of books, especially guides to the flora and fauna of the High Sierras. We also found magazines (Utne Reader anyone?) CDs and Blueray DVD movies and documentaries.

I pulled an old issue of Sierra (the magazine of the Sierra Club) from July/August 1997. It was there because the cover story was “Among the Ancients, Giant Sequoias of the Sierra” Another article headline that made the cover, “Is Al Gore Our Great Green Hope?”

Wow… 14 years ago doesn’t seem like a million years ago, but damn if it wasn’t.

Vice President, Al Gore, talking about the need to take immediate action on global warming and failing to convince the President or any Republicans that he knew what the hell he was talking about.

Indeed as it turned out he knew far more than the President or any member of Congress did on the subject but none of them cared because Gore’s personality and persona didn’t work on TV.  I’ve always said that it’s a curse to be truly intelligent in the USA and nobody in American politics ever fails when they attack the smartest person in the room for having too damn much intelligence and not enough common man “I want to have a beer with that dude” appeal.

Al Gore is one reason I like to believe in my own favorite version of the String Theory of particle physics – multiple alternative universes occurring simultaneously is the way I like to grok it.

My Green Escape

(written September 16, 2008)

Greetings from Kaweah Cottage, our gorgeous green getaway in the rural Sierra Foothills outside of Sequoia National Park. After nine straight months of working and Greeniusing I needed a break and more importantly I needed to spend some time up in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.

If I don’t get up to Sequoia, or Yosemite or Big Sur and into the forest at least once a year then I start to go a little squirrely and feel like my life has no real purpose or direction.  So I make it a point to get me to the woods whenever it’s been a little too long.

I’ll proudly cop to being a treehugger and tell you honestly that I’d rather hug a tree than hug most of the  people I meet out there who are far more useless than trees as they merely suck up oxygen and supply none. They typically supply nothing else worthwhile either…but let me not get myself all worked up, after all it’s that kind of real world news that I’m here to escape from.  Serenity now… Serenity now…