To Hell With The Grownups. I’m Now With Greta & #FridaysForFuture


This Is A Generational Battle But This Time The Greatest Generation Is Still In School – Now The Climate Strikers, The Sunrise Movement & The #GreenNewDeal Are Ready To Kick Your Ass

I’ve had it with so-called “adults.” I’ve been trying to motivate them to climate action for a long decade now and I’m fed up with waiting for them to step up and do the right thing on climate.


I’m sick of waiting for authority figures in government, in industry, in every position of power all acting cluelessly out of self-interest, greed and arrogant ignorance.

I’m perpetually pissed at the corporate-captured media world we live in and their massive #NEWSFAIL when it comes to informing and educating the public about the most destructive threat we’ve ever faced. I despise their acquiescence to the fossil fuel industry’s deliberate and criminal assault on our health and well-being.

I’m 61 years old and the vast majority of adults I know – outside of my colleagues in the environmental and justice movements – are still deep asleep when it come to climate reality or their responsibility to do something. And when I’ve talked to them about that, it’s obvious they’re not sweating things.


So be it. I’m through working with people over 30. You guys are on your own from here.

I’m now all-in with 16 year old Greta Thunberg, the worldwide School Climate Strikes, The Sunrise Movement and The Green New Deal.