Men Are The Problem. Women Are The Solution

feministIt should be pretty simple and obvious what the solution to our current “Age Of Stupid,” problem is if we want to change course as drastically as we need to, and if we choose to survive instead of hurtling at record speed into the abyss.

Naomi Klein detailed the blueprint in “This Changes Everything” but she left out one architectural design feature.

Man must step down – or be removed – from all positions of power and replaced by equally competent women (of whom there is no shortage).

Women have earned the exclusive leadership rights until at least the end of the century, and then we can take a look back at how things went and determine if we want to re-up the exclusive deal for the next century.

Any honest and objective evaluation of how we got to where we are leaves you with one undeniable conclusion – men have been in charge of everything and men have screwed up almost everything they’ve been in charge of. It’s in their nature.

Whether it’s health, safety, equity, environment, education, justice, foreign relations, poverty, transportation, homelessness, violence – I could go on and on mansplaining it to you, but half the population understood this whole proposition when they read the headline of this piece.Folks, it’s not just the sexual harassment and creepiness, it’s the overall male ego and machismo swagger that have led our American culture – and other male dominated cultures (and which ones aren’t?) down the turf-pissing rabbit hole.

The very notion of “American Exceptionalism” is missing the word “male“ between the other two words to describe the now indoctrinated, gender-rigged system we suffer in. And I do mean suffer.

So let’s give men 30 days to transition down – or trickle down as I like to think of it – into low level, entry-level and at most mid-level positions reporting to women.

At the same time women will be determining the new org chart for business, for government, for NGOs, and everyplace else at which women have either been screwed over or where men have royally screwed up.

Then starting with the 2018 midterm election all men are off the ballots and replaced by women candidates.

Yeah, I know, it sounds completely ridiculous, impossible, unfair, unconstitutional… If you are a man. If you were a woman you might be thinking “it’s about fucking time.”

And if you think I am just jumping on the bandwagon and trying to curry favor with women in this time of their distress, depression and devastation, you’d be wrong.

I’ve felt this way for a long time. In fact – I said so publicly in January of 2015 – Let’s go to the the 10:29 mark of the video: 

I meant it then and it’s more urgently needed now.

One last thing – a solution to gun violence based on the same obvious logic:

All guns must be taken away from all male gun owners. Only women should be allowed to own guns. And all guns to be physically altered so that only women can fire them.

That should take care of that.

Of course I’m a man. So what the fuck do I know?

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