Men Are The Problem. Women Are The Solution

feministIt should be pretty simple and obvious what the solution to our current “Age Of Stupid,” problem is if we want to change course as drastically as we need to, and if we choose to survive instead of hurtling at record speed into the abyss.

Naomi Klein detailed the blueprint in “This Changes Everything” but she left out one architectural design feature.

Man must step down – or be removed – from all positions of power and replaced by equally competent women (of whom there is no shortage).

Women have earned the exclusive leadership rights until at least the end of the century, and then we can take a look back at how things went and determine if we want to re-up the exclusive deal for the next century.

Any honest and objective evaluation of how we got to where we are leaves you with one undeniable conclusion – men have been in charge of everything and men have screwed up almost everything they’ve been in charge of. It’s in their nature.

Whether it’s health, safety, equity, environment, education, justice, foreign relations, poverty, transportation, homelessness, violence – I could go on and on mansplaining it to you, but half the population understood this whole proposition when they read the headline of this piece.