Sure, AB811 is Dead & Buried, But There’s Still Green Work for Contractors!

Tired of waiting for the green economy to start offering green jobs that pay real money?  Wait no more if you’re a contractor here in the South Bay of California because the cavalry has finally arrived in the form of the L.A. County Energy program.  We’ve got 30,000 homes to upgrade and contractors are needed for the before, during and after segments.  You’ll be hearing plenty about this from the mainstream media next month, but right now you can get make your move ahead of the crowd thanks to your Creative Greenius and my pals at the South Bay Environmental Services Center .  Just read the graphic and then click on it to get all the details.

One thought on “Sure, AB811 is Dead & Buried, But There’s Still Green Work for Contractors!

  1. Well, $3,500 helps… but what is the current rate of federal tax credits or reimbursements? My house will require about a $30,000 investment to make it solar happy.

    Hi Melonie.
    The 30% Federal Tax credit still applies to your solar PV installation cost – less the state rebate through your electric utility. That should cut your $30k down closer to $15k net after utility rebates and tax credits. If you run a business out of the same property the % of your square footage that is business only will also be eligible for accelerated depreciation and the 30% tax credit can be refunded to you within 60-90 days as a tax “grant” given to businesses through the end of 2010.

    But you won’t get any help with loans or paying for the system up front. That went away when Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac drove a stake through the heart of AB811 and the PACE bond program. The morons in Washington who made this decision don’t understand that adding a solar PV system to power your property’s electric use increases the value of the property by 20%+.

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