Greetings From Plugged-In San Jose


 That’s CalCars Founder and Plug-In Hybrid visionary, Felix Kramer with his now legendary Plug-In Prius outside of the San Jose Convention center this afternoon.  Kramer and several other plug-in hybrid heavyweights held a well-attended press event in advance of today’s plug-in battery workshop.   



I hope to get some news from the battery workshop when I attend tonight’s Welcome Reception sponsored by PG&E.


But one big piece of charging news comes courtesy of Plug-In America founder, Paul Scott who passed on the report from 

Coulomb Technologies who “Today announced a smart charging infrastructure for plug-in vehicles. Coulomb has developed a complete solution targeting plug-in vehicles including Extended Range Electric Vehicles, Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles, and Battery Electric Vehicles. Coulomb’s ChargePoint™ Network includes public charging stations, a consumer subscription plan and utility grid management technology for electric utility companies to smooth electrical demands on the grid. The infrastructure solution will be showcased with the Saturn Vue Plug-in Hybrid at the Plug-In 2008 Conference.”



Speaking of news, there was a plug on the front page of this morning’s San Jose Mercury News for the conference with a photo of Kramer’s converted Prius.  A piece on the conference lead the front page of the Tech section.


It was great to see four different plug-in hybrids ready to drive in front of the convention center.  They may look like regular old hybrids, but they’re really super hybrids.  And I don’t know a person who drives today who doesn’t want one right now.



Tomorrow morning the full Plug-In 2008 Conference kicks off with keynote speaker, Andy Grove, Intel CEO and Chairman, talking about why the time is now for Plug-Ins.


I’ve already got my “hit list” of breakout sessions, exhibitors and plug-in principals I want to meet, listen to and learn from while I’m here.  


I’ll try to share as much as I can each day as I shoot photos and video for my Greenius reports.  I’m excited to be here and on to road to meeting the challenge of clean, green electric drive vehicles.



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