There’s Only One Kind Of “Just” Transition I Want To See

And It’s Not The One Which Rewards Dirty Energy Mercenaries With New Clean Energy Jobs

I took this tour 7 years ago with my old pal Nanette Barragan.

The kind of justice I believe in does not give “them that’s got” an uninterrupted pipeline to keep profiting from pollution. That ain’t justice. That’s granting the workers who pocketed great salaries and benefits, while filling our air and water with toxic waste, a free pass from taking any responsibility for their actions.

None of them are innocent bystanders. Oil, gas and coal workers have all known for more than a dozen years that their work was helping to destroy people’s health and well being. But they fiercely fought any and all attempts to transition to clean renewable. I know. I was there and watched them do it. Im still watching them do it.

So the justice I want to see is first, second and third for the victims in the sacrifice zones created by the oil, gas and coal companies. Make the victims a priority for a damn change.

I need to see the fence line and frontline communities repaired and rehabilitated using fossil fuel company money. Putting free solar on every roof, batteries in every building and electric vehicles to replace every gas powered vehicle would be a minimal start.

Somebody’s backyard

I want to see the residents of those communities put at the front of the line for guaranteed job training and employment in the clean energy industries. Those are the brothers and sisters of mine who should be paid top dollar and given the Cadillac benefits the dirty energy workers have long enjoyed.

If it’s justice you desire then like me, you want to see Health Recovery Centers built and staffed with oil, gas and coal company money to rightly address the people with asthma and other respiratory diseases, not to mention the wide range of cancers caused by living near petrochemical operations.

Those health bombs were dropped deliberately by the oil workers who cannot cop to a “I’m just a worker. I didn’t know” excuse. They knew and still know today.

So what justice has been earned and is now deserved by the dirty energy workforce? What responsibility should they bear for their professional actions?

That’s an easy one for your Greenius.

Let my old pals at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and the United Steelworkers unions point the way. They have both long argued that as long as refineries and oil and related facilities are still operating that they are best operated by the top pros who know them intricately. That their union members are the best trained and most experienced to operate those facilities safely.

That’s the exact same reason I have for keeping all those workers on the job at their same facilities to decommission and dismantle them expertly and safely. And their current employers should pay for it all till it’s all done.

That’s years of guaranteed work in their same industry going to work at the very same place for the workers. No reason to relocate or start anew. Then these same pros have many more years of additional employment cleaning up the toxic messes they helped cause. Talk about real justice.

Every fossil fuel-related union has fought against a far less “just” offer and definition of Just Transition that put them first in the new clean energy economy. They belittled and rejected the Green New Deal. They’ve paid totally cynical lip service to the so called BlueGreen Alliance which is just a scam to keep environmentalists at bay and postpone any phaseout of the fossil fuels they profit from.

So take them at their word, know that they will NEVER ally with frontline communities or any semblance of environmental justice and put them to work taking down their death machines.

Just. Do. It.

It’s Time To Go To The Mattresses

godfatherSo let me get this straight – while those of us who are trying to lead greener lives, have been cutting our carbon footprints and working with our cities, states and the rest of the USA to help them do likewise, Killer Coal has been playing us for chumps and wiping out all our efforts every single second of every day.  Can you believe the nerve of those dirty backstabbers?  How long did they think we were gonna put up with that?

The Killer Coal Family is waging war against the rest of our families – and those gangsters will not stop until we take them down.  So as the head of the Galliani family I called a emergency meeting of the five families – who will all go nameless due to their fifth amendment privileges and a patriotic penchant for privacy. Therefore I’ll be speaking for the group.  Everyone thought that was a great idea, and I went along.  I know how to smell consensus when it occurs.


At our meeting we all agreed that it’s time to go to the mattresses and declare war against coal until we kill them and put them out of business.  We had a vote and then we had a toast.  In fact we had several toasts.  Everybody felt very good about our decision.  We like it when we get to take on bullies.

We’re claiming self-defense since rubbing them out is the only way we can stop them from doing away with all of us. We already gave the Killer Coal Family a chance to stop disrespecting us and make things right – but what did those climate-changing con artists do instead?  They aimed more smokestacks at us and dumped toxic waste in our neighborhoods while they paid off the cops and the justice system to get away with it.  That just ain’t right.  And it ain’t a wise way to go when dealing with wise guys like us.


So now we have no choice but war, and I say let’s do what we gotta do.  Hey, it’s not personal.  It’s strictly business.  And during economic downturns like this we take our business much more seriously.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t have lots  of fun and plenty of laughs the whole time we’re destroying their way of life, their business and their futures.  So leave the guns, and bring the canolli. 

Clean Coal, Healthy Cancer & Evil Jesus – Did I Mention Safe Green Nuclear?

In an attempt to locate “the good old days” I went back in the Creative Greenius time machine yesterday, but I could only afford enough gas to get us to January of 2008.  It seems like so long ago, doesn’t it?  We all looked so much younger then… when the Botox prices were still affordable.  Back in January, “the problems in Georgia” were still about Michael Vick and dog fighting; Hillary Clinton and John Edwards each still thought they’d be the next President; while John McCain was trying to decide between Polident or Fixodent.  I could wax nostalgic for January all post long… but I digress.