“The Least You Can Do” Reveals One Of The #MillionsMissing To Sold Out Audience

Last Sunday night at the Ruskin Group Theatre in Santa Monica, California, a rapt audience got a rare view of what people with the little known ME/CFS disease go through. Now you can watch the video of this powerful performance and see for yourself.

Real News About Your Fake Life

Ladies and gentlemen, with the permission of stars Rachel Hardisty and Eric Wolfgang Nelson, here is Sunday night’s 9:00 performance of my latest one-act play, “Real News About Your Fake Life”

It’s my first comedic farce and very different from my last 5 plays – all of which have been produced as part of the critically acclaimed Cafe Plays at The Ruskin Group Theatre. This one was directed with brilliance by Hamilton Matthews.

I shot this on my phone from my front row seat to be able to share it with ya’all.

Real News About Your Fake Life from Joe Galliani on Vimeo.