Your Greenius Earth Day Reality Check: Waiting For The Magic Bullet

Today is Earth Day 2012, a day filled with celebrations of the environment and all the things being done to try and improve it and make it more sustainable .  You can go to events where you recycle your old paper tax records, your motor oil, your cellphone, computers and other electronics. 

You can go to festivals and visit the booths of green nonprofits and solar energy companies, take part in composting workshops, learn about wildlife protectors and electric car companies.  You might even get the chance to hug a person wearing a polar bear costume.

You can participate in beach cleanups, ride your bicycle with large groups in parades or march in protests against coal-fired power plants, polluters and planet-pummeling profiteers.  You can even watch NBC-Universal TV and see how they turned their logo green and laugh at their funny PSAs about cutting your energy use or carbon footprint.

But what you cannot do at any Earth Day event – or any other day’s events – is change the sense of urgency of the U.S. government or the majority of our population about taking the immediate and dramatic steps necessary to avoid runaway climate change or the hell and high water that’s coming with it

Greenius Shredding & Recycling Dream Come True!

16 file cartons full of paper to be shredded!

It’s true.  I’ve been dreaming of this day for several years now and I’ve got to say I feel even better than I thought I would.  I’m downright giddy in fact.

I just got rid of 14 cartons of old paper files and 8 cartons of old VHS tapes, reclaimed all that space in my attic and my garage and didn’t have one scrap of any of it go into a landfill.  Yee ha!

Your friendly neighborhood Greenius is a fastidious filer and I have every financial record and work related project file archived going back to 1979 – which amounted to storage box after storage box jammed full of papers in files filling my attic and garage. 

For years now I’ve been wanting to have a shredder truck come to my house so I could get rid of all but the last 7 years worth of records, but I’ve been too cheap to actually make the call and dig into my wallet to pay for the truck to show up at my door and securely shred then recycle all that shredded paper.  I knew that one day I’d get lucky enough to participate in a free community shredding day and get rid of all those files for nothing.  But for one reason or another I kept missing out on the chance when it came.

So when I found out that on Saturday, October 8, my city of Redondo Beach would have free document shredding by Iron Mountain Shredding Company, with no limit of how many boxes I could have shredded, I knew I had hit the jackpot and my heart lept with joy as I did the happy dance around my garage.

The Confederacy of Dunces

While our nation’s economy teeters on the brink of a catastrophe caused by the same defiantly ignorant individuals who supported every bonehead policy of the President who spent a trillion dollars invading the wrong country, here’s what those same failures and losers have to contribute to the debate now.  WATCH THIS: