Greenius Drinks L.A. Times’ Milkshake On Global Warming

But some scientists say that weaning the world off coal is crucial to slowing the devastating effects of climate change.


Really, Los Angeles Times? “Some Scientists?” That’s your report?  You actually printed that?

Is that the same thing as 99% of the world’s scientists? As in every major recognized science organization and association? Is that what you’re saying?  Is that what “some” is?

Because that sure doesn’t sound like what you’re saying.

It sounds like you’re saying that only “some” scientists think weaning us off coal is the single most crucial thing we must do to cut the greenhouse gas emissions that are driving us to a climate catastrophe.  It sounds like you’re saying that there’s even more scientists who think we shouldn’t.  It sounds like the Los Angeles Times is telling us there is still a viable debate on this subject.

And if you’re saying that, then you’re simply full of shit and wrong and it’s my job to call you on it.  Sorry, but it’s too late in the game for polite language.