@Sammy_Roth And @LATimes Cover Buffet Company Plan To Destroy Climate For Profit #JoeTakesOnTheNews Tells You What You Should Do About It

Oil Drenched Torrance Mayor & City Council Rake In Refinery Money As They Sellout Health & Welfare Of Our Children #JoeTakesOnTheNews


@LATimes Says Coal Miners Sacrificed Their Health To Keep Our Lights On. I Say That’s #BULLSHIT. Let’s Help The Victims In The Sacrifice Zones Created By These Mercenary For-Profit Destroyers #JoeTakesOnTheNews

@LATimes I learned in High School During the 70s That Coal Miners Get Black Lung. When Are YOU Going To Learn that Coal Miners Are Assassins With No Regard For Their Victims? #JoeTakesOnTheNews