The Greatest Solar Powered Music Festival in World History! SUNSTOCK JUNE 18 Los Angeles

Out of the darkness, comes the light! Be there and shine with us!


Your Creative Greenius loves him some Cults

You KNOW I dig Kaki King…

In fact, there has NEVER been a greater, more talented, more entertaining musical line up than Sunstock!


Hey, but don’t take the Greenius’ word for it, listen to what my bro, contemporary music expert, Dr. Russell LesRoque has to say:

And it’s not just the music they’ll be talking about for decades – look what else Sunstock offers you and your crew:


It’s true, your Greenius IS personal friends with Trapdoor Social’s, Skylar Funk – which means if you’re there with me on June 18 I can introduce you…

Or if the Allah-las are more your dream come true, maybe I’ll tell them you and I are tight…

I might even be able to hook you up with Gateway Drugs…

You say you need a ride to the gig? We feel you! Doctor, tell them how to get there!

The Wavves? Yeah, they’re breaking big at Sunstock…

You know The Big Pink is A Big Deal, right? But have you ever seen them live?  You can next Saturday…

yOya will be there looking for you to be part of the fun…

Here’s shot of your friendly neighborhood Creative Greenius and Skylar Funk of Trapdoor Social at last month’s #BreakfreeLA. Don’t hate us because we are beautiful.


Besides being a brilliant musician he’s the straw stirring the drink to make Sunstock happen and I’m proud to know him and to support his tremendous efforts to use his talents to help us get to 100% renewables. I guarantee Sunstock will be 100% fun! Get your tickets right now!






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