3 More Reasons I’m Happy I Dumped the Democrats

When I quit the Democratic party last summer the last straw for me was their total FAIL to take a stand and do anything about climate change.  Watching their spineless jellyfish routine in the face of the unified madman approach the Republicans employed was cringe worthy to say the least.

The piss poor performance of California’s Assembly and Senate Democrats to deal with our state’s budget issues only made me feel more certain of my decision.  And my personal experience working with certain Democrats at the local level helped convince me that they weren’t worthy of my loyalty or support any longer They probably never were.

I was a registered Democrat from the time I turned 18 in 1975 until the summer of 2010. It was always an easy choice because the Republicans were so clearly the party of phonies, hypocrites and mean-spirited, self-centered, big business boot-licking, environment-hating pollution-lovers.

It didn’t help the GOP that I came of age during the Tricky Dick Nixon era and got married when Ronald Reagan was playing the role of President.  I thought those two were the worst until old George W swaggered into the White House.  And of course that was before the Death Wish Congress took power with their Founding Father’s endorsed mission to destroy the government from the inside out to prove that government is indeed the problem.

My opinion of Republicans has only been endlessly verified from Nixon’s Jew hating day to today’s tea bagging Fox News following  sellouts.  Despicable seems the most apt word to describe their virulent and ceaseless attack campaign against President Obama and his family.  Not since the McCarthy era have I seen such staggeringly shameless daily behavior.

But just not being a Republican doesn’t cut it any longer for me, especially when the Democratic party looks like Krusty the Clown in opposition to the GOP’s Mr. Burns on meth character.

Today’s Republicans at the national level are in a competition to see who can propose the most outrageously bat shit elimination of regulation or government agency – like, oh I don’t know, the Environmental Protection Agency – and not a single local Republican I know is embarrassed or concerned about the real deficit they’re leaving their kids. If only those kids were “unborn” they’d be getting all kinds of protection.

It’s the “civilization and life as we know it deficit” that comes from a climate catastrophe, the kind that’s being waved in for a safe landing by the entire Republican party.  It’s the kind of deficit we can’t just print more money to solve.

And it’s the kind of deficit you can’t count on the Democrats to solve, especially when some of them are not even fighting the Republicans on their most extreme and egregious crap.  They’re not only not fighting them, they’re wrapping their coal dusted arms around it.

Politico reported yesterday morning that two senior House Democrats are on board for the crazy ass introduction of legislation to stop the EPA’s climate change regulations.  And what a surprise, one of them, Congressman Nick Rahall, is from the Black Lung state of West Virginia.  The other, Congressman Collin Peterson, comes from the once progressive state of Minnesota, now more famous as the home of  the Tea Party Princess, Michele Bachmann. Peterson says he wants to “rein in the EPA.”  Yeah, that’s a much better idea than reining in pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Not that it really matters at this point since the entirety of our government has decided that the best way to fix our climate and fossil fuel addiction problems is to employ the Charlie Sheen rehab yourself at home solution.  That makes us all the kind of winners that Charlie himself has self declared.

High fives all the way around.

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