Ready To Be Part of Art History & Be Seen Around the World? Join Us On November 21 for Another Spectacular!

As you know my pals at have a certain flare for the dramatic. The Global Work Party on 10/10/10, which your South Bay 350 Climate Action Group was proud to be part of, was the largest day of carbon-cutting action in the planet’s history.  And there’s no way we’re stopping there.  The acceleration of climate change in 2010 won’t let us.

Now, artists and activists have dreamed up an out-of-this-world art project that will keep the climate crisis on the front pages of media outlets around the globe.  Talk about pure creative greenius!

And when I say “out-of-this-world” you can take me literally.

Between Nov. 20th and 28th, will help coordinate 20 public art pieces in ecosystems and communities impacted by climate change—our sinking coastlines, endangered forests, melting glaciers, and polluted cities—that are massive enough to be seen from space.

Each public art piece will be photographed by satellite. The images will be displayed across the Internet and on Google Earth, as well as distributed to mainstream media outlets around the world. Check out the project’s new website

If you live here in Southern Caifornia – first off, congratulations!  Secondly I’d like to invite you to participate in the huge public art piece, “Solar Eagle Taking Flight”, that will be created in downtown Los Angeles on November 21.

What: Join Spectral Q/John Quigley, with & thousands of Angelinos to form the shape of a ‘Solar Eagle Taking Flight,’ combining solar photovoltaic film sheets (solar panels) accented with over 1000 people, helping to further a campaign for more solar energy in LA.

Where: Los Angeles Historic State Park (The Cornfield),1245 N. Spring St., LA, CA 90012

When: Sunday, November 21, 9:30 – 11:15 AM

Why: UN Climate Negotiations kick off in Cancun one week later, and this a chance to come together creatively to rise to the climate challenge.  And oh yeah, 2010 has been the hottest year in the history of the planet and the frozen parts of our world are all melting.

Get there: CARPOOL; Metro Rail, the park is less than a block away from the Chinatown Station on the gold line.  If you BIKE, your bicycle may be part of the image as well.

Spread the word: Please extend this invitation to your friends, family and neighbors. We need as many folks at the Cornfields on Nov. 21 as possible!

I hope you can join us to be a part of the first-ever art exhibit large enough to be seen from outer space!

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