Greenius on “Green Idea” Attracts New Solar Business to Hermosa

Brad Bartz inside of his new ABC Solar shop in Hermosa Beach.

Brad Bartz is big on Hermosa Beach. He’s betting that the city’s efforts to become carbon neutral will make it the “green beacon” that brings in a new generation of green businesses just like his, ABC Solar.

Bartz is placing his bet by leasing the location that formerly housed the International News Stand at 344 Pacific Coast Highway.  It’s on a stretch of PCH that is surrounded by buildings with “For Lease” signs everywhere you turn, but when Bartz looks around all he sees is opportunity…. and “naked roofs.”

Bartz and ABC Solar have a long history installing solar throughout the South Bay and he has just as long of a history battling with local municipalities like Torrance and Manhattan Beach when he feels they are needlessly obstructing the public’s right to get free electricity from the sun. I have to admit, I’ve enjoyed watching him do so.

Read more about it on Hermosa Beach

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